Jurassic Park themed home goes on sale in Washington for $1.2 million

Totally roarsome! Jurassic Park superfan in Washington state prepares to sell movie-themed home he built over two years and rented out on Airbnb – complete with five life size animatronic dinosaurs and a hot tub

  • Washington State couple are selling their Jurassic Park-themed AirBnb 
  • Current owner Todd Perkins built the home after his love for dinosaurs started when he was five-years-old and wanted to bring the creatures back to life
  • Over a period of two years, with the help of wife, Jessica, they built the retreat
  • Three-bedroom, two-bath house is tucked away in Washougal, Washington
  • There are several animatronic dinosaurs on the property, including a T. rex
  • While on AirBnb guests stayed for $500/night; Home is now on sale for $1.3m

God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man builds a house based on Jurassic Park. 

The owners of an AirBnB based on the 1993 movie are now selling their creation for $1.3 million. 

Todd Perkins finished building the three-bedroom, two-bathroom in a remote part of Washington State in Skamania County in mid-2021 but has already decided to put the unique property on the market.

Todd, together with his wife Jessica, built their prehistoric home over a period of two years before opening it up to guests on AirBnb.

Those brave enough to spend the night among the fearsome creatures can pay just over $500-a-night to stay over.  

Welcome to Jurassic Retreat! A Washington State couple are selling their Jurassic Park-themed AirBnb for $1.3 million

A huge Tyrannosaurus rex stands guard in front of the entire compound 

Todd, together with his wife Jessica, built their prehistoric home over a period of two years before opening it up to guests on AirBnb

The animatronic creatures were built in China, move and make sounds 

There are lots of small touches that pay homage to the 1993 film, including cages with signs warning of electric shock to hold back the prehistoric creatures

There are five dinosaurs dotted about the property and set in the grounds around the home

The skeleton of something particularly large can be seen at the side of the driveway here

Guests to the home are welcomed by a set of imposing gates together with the sign

The home is set across a series of buildings in a remote part of Washington State


The home comes complete with its very own animatronic dinosaurs, including a lifelike and terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex that acts as a kind of guard to the entire compound.

All those visiting must pass through ‘Jurassic Retreat’ gates that resemble those from the Jurassic Park film. 

Once on the other side, the landscape is almost jungle-like to resemble Isla Nublar, the fictional remote island where the movie was set.

A number of other creatures also reside close by including a Velociraptor that overlooks the home’s hot tub. 

Other resident lodgers are also included in the sale price, such as a Triceratops and Brontosaurus.  

Inside, there are a number of dinosaur-inspired touches from artwork on the walls as well as some dino footprints.

Todd, who described himself as a business owner and entrepreneur, said that he loved dinosaurs growing up and that was the inspiration behind the design of his quirky home.

‘Everything was dinosaurs from the age of five, throughout my childhood,’ he told TriCity News. 

Perkins helped design the dinosaurs’ coloring and their postures with a manufacturer in China. 

Each room in the house pays homage to characters from Jurassic Park, like Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm. 

One of the bedrooms is themed after paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, a main character in the first film played by Sam Neill. 

Guests at the home will find the occasional dinosaur skull lying around

The kitchen of the home appears relatively normal apart from a ‘Danger Do Not Enter’ sign

All the kitchen cabinets need to be kept shut to prevent any hungry dinos from getting inside

AirBnb guests can currently stay for just over $500-a-night

Over a period of two years, Todd, with the help of wife, Jessica, built the retreat

The home has a particularly clean look and there is not too much film memorabilia 

‘We have a 75′ TV where you can watch those movies and then look out the window and actually see dinosaurs while you’re watching the movie in real life,’ said Todd

The inspired decorations include a magnifying glass, his iconic hat and paleontology tools like picks and axes.

‘Those little details for me is what kind of ties it all together,’ Todd said, although he notes the home was simply a tribute to the science fiction film and did not contain any exact replicas.

‘We have a 75′ TV where you can watch those movies and then look out the window and actually see dinosaurs while you’re watching the movie in real life,’ said Todd to KGW. 

Todd and his wife don’t live in prehistoric times permanently but in another home 200 miles east in Pasco with their 11-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.

He explained to DailyMail.com his reasons for selling-up: ‘I really enjoy the creative process of different projects/businesses. Having an idea and making it a reality is very exciting. I have a couple of new ideas bouncing around my head right now that I may want to pursue. 

‘The Jurassic Retreat is an amazing place and was super fun creating. I’m happy that our family and hundreds of other families have been able to experience the property this year as well. Hopefully the new owners will continue to operate the place as a short term rental property for years to come.’ 

The home is set in the middle of nowhere so there are plenty of games to enjoy while staying

One of the children’s rooms has been decorated with some dinosaur footprints on the wall

The home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms

One of the two bathrooms is pictured here. This one has dual sinks

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