Kate Middleton ‘broke’ century-old royal St Patrick’s Day tradition

Kate Middleton broke a century-old royal St Patrick’s Day tradition back in 2016.

During the annual St Patrick’s Day parade, female members of the Royal Family present the traditional gift of sprigs of shamrock to officers and guardsmen who will distribute them across the ranks.

The duty which is traditionally performed by female royals first began in 1901 with Queen Alexandra, followed by the Queen Mother, who was in turn succeeded by Princess Anne.

In 2012, the Duchess of Cambridge took over the duty and after four years where she diligently performed it, she broke royal tradition and opted to stay at home with her two kids George and Charlotte instead of attending the parade.

Her husband Prince William instead was the one tasked with handing out the sprigs to 450 members of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

Her absence left soldiers and royal fans disappointed, but aides at the time insisted that it was primarily William's role, as Colonel of the regiment, to take part in the ceremony.

Although the soldiers on parade were disappointed that Kate did not make an appearance, Company Sergeant Major Carl Laverty said they were "conscious that she has family commitments", adding that the "lads were ecstatic" to have their Colonel present the honours instead.

The future king also had to present the regiment's mascot, an Irish wolfhound by the name of Domhnall, with its own sprig of shamrock.

William chose to pass the duties on to the dog's handler, having observed his wife's failed attempts to fix the shamrock to Domhnall's collar the year before.

This comes after it was revealed that Kate and William have banned their kids from having social media accounts.

“Kate and William will not allow them to have accounts, even secret ones. They 100% disagree with young children having social media accounts,” an insider told the Us Weekly YouTube channel.

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