Kate Middleton’s ‘calming hand’ on ‘restless’ George’s knee to stop fidgeting

A seemingly touching gesture from Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales to eldest son Prince George, 9, was actually to stop him fidgeting, one expert believes.

The snap of the Princess of Wales apparently reassuring the young Prince was analysed by body language expert Adrianne Carter.

Carter, otherwise known as The Face Whisperer, believes the moment between Prince George and Kate Middleton was to calm her eldest son as he was "getting restless" during the service of the Queen's funeral.

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Her Majesty's funeral was broadcast today and saw a number of Royal Family members front and centre for the service, including the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Kate's calming touch appears to have been administered, with expert Carter offering analysis on the "gentle touch" given to her eldest son.

Carter said: "We see Kate put a calming hand on George’s knee, probably due to George getting restless during the service. It’s a full hand as if to stop him fidgeting.

"It’s not just the fingers which might just be a gentle touch."

Princess Charlotte can also be seen observing the "gentle touch" from mum Kate Middleton, who was sat between the two children as well as the Prince of Wales, William.

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Prince George and Kate Middleton's moment together was pictured during the live broadcast of the Queen's funeral, as members of the public and mourners at home watch on as the Monarch is laid to rest.

The fidgeting moment for Prince George comes after Princess Charlotte had been spotted bursting "into tears", Daily Star reported.

The seven-year-old Princess was spotted weeping at the funeral of her "gan gan" in a moment that moved Royal Family fans watching the funeral proceedings.

Princess Charlotte was spotted being comforted by mum Kate Middleton as they attended the transfer of the Queen's coffin from gun carriage to hearse.

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