King Charles ‘won’t cave’ to Prince Harry’s big coronation demand, says expert

A royal expert has explained exactly why King Charles won't "cave" to Prince Harry's demand for a "summit" before agreeing to attend his father's coronation.

Earlier this week, The Mirror reported that Harry wants a meeting with his father and brother, unhappy with how "toxic" the atmosphere was when he returned to the UK during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and funeral.

Prince William and Charles are said to have not spoken directly with Harry or Meghan Markle regarding their attendance for the ceremony on May 6.

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Royal expert Gertrude Daly reckons it's likely the Duke and Duchess of Sussex won't get what they're asking for and won't attend the coronation.

She told the Daily Star: "The Sussexes have a seat at the coronation. It is their choice if they want to attend. But, the royals are not going to bend over backwards to get the Sussexes there.

"I don’t think the Palace would agree to another summit with Prince Harry, as I don’t think any summit would be productive at this point of time.

"I don’t think the Sussexes want to make a good faith effort to compromise, and meet in the middle. They just want the palace to cave to all of their demands.

"Prince Harry may be waiting for an apology, but I don’t think the royals believe they owe any to the Sussexes. And in fact, I think many royals probably feel they deserve an apology from the Sussexes."

Gertrude said that the "toxic atmosphere" Harry wants to clear with his summit is "mainly" his own doing.

"You can’t bad mouth people in interviews and memoirs and then expect them to be warm and friendly," she said.

The royal expert also feels like the coronation "will be a big indicator" of whether Harry and Meghan will ever venture back to the UK for royal events, especially given how they've "moved on to a new celebrity life".

She added: "The few royal events they have attended since their departure were because of their love and respect for Queen Elizabeth. Now that she’s gone, I don’t think Prince Harry feels much of an obligation to attend."

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