Koala causes six-car crash and hours of delays on major motorway in rush hour

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A Koala caused a six-car crash and hours of delay on a major motorway after a driver stopped to help it.

The native furry animal had managed to find its way on to the major road forcing commuters to find alternative routes to their journeys.

One helpful driver stopped to help the curious Koala cross to safety, which had caused delays to the vehicles behind.

The incident took place during peak time at 7am on the South Eastern Freeway, while at the Crafters exit the driver was rear-ended.

The crash led to a chain reaction, prompting authorities to close the lane and divert traffic to two lanes.

Despite the major crash, no one was seriously injured.

A local news outlet, 9NewsAdelaide posted a video of the Koala safely in a car.

The video posted on Twitter said: "This is the curious Koala at the centre of this morning's peak hour chaos on the South Eastern Freeway. The furry local sparked a multi-car pile-up before a motorist managed to scoop it up and take it to safety."

According to news.com.au the animal has now been taken to safety and back to the wild.

In 2019 a cow was reportedly shot dead after getting on to the motorway.

Police officers were called in Cowgate, Newcastle, to reports of four cows escaped on the Central Motorway.

Three of the cows were brought back to safety but a fourth was found to be "distressed" on a field next to the motorway.

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The animal was shot by firearms officers at the scene.

Northumbria Police said the decision was taken to kill the cow "due to the potential risk to the public and motorists".

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