Labour bosses give leftie backers bizarre guide to playing down anti-Semitism crisis after bombshell Panorama documentary – The Sun

LABOUR bosses have issued a secret memo to far-left activists asking them to play down the Labour anti-Semitism crisis, it has emerged.

The party HQ sent tips on how to hit back against a damning BBC documentary broadcast last night.

It comes as Jeremy Corbyn's wife spoke out against media "bias" claiming the scale of Labour's anti-Semitism scandal was being exaggerated.

A string of whistleblowers spoke out last night and accused Mr Corbyn's aides of meddling in anti-Semitism cases.

They claimed the leader's inner circle – including general secretary Jennie Formby – were more interested in protecting Labour from criticism than in dealing with the root problem.

As the documentry was broadcast, Labour chiefs drew up a memo – leaked to HuffPost UK – advising supporters on social media how to play down its findings.

They said: "Saturate Social Media with fact based videos, links & graphics of the times Jeremy has opposed Antisemitism for the next 4 days.

"Saturate Social Media with fact based memes and videos of all the ways Jennie has tackled Antisemitism for the next four days.

"Your role is simple. Make sure the truth about Jeremy & Jennie drowns out everything."

Bosses advised their backers to "amplify" claims about Tory Islamophobia in an apparent attempt to distract from the Laobur scandal.

And they warned them not to attack deputy leader Tom Watson or other anti-Corbyn MPs.


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Labour MPs responded with fury – Stephen Doughty blasted: "There is NO defence or rebuttal. It shames our party from top to bottom."

Darren Jones added: "In literally ANY other organisation, we’d have the CEO on the TV apologising. People would be fired."

But Mr Corbyn's wife Laura Alvarez used her Facebook page to share a petition against the BBC documentary, commenting: "Boycott the bias media."

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