Large ‘organised gang fight’ being planned by youths for this weekend in Wales

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A large 'organised fight' is being planned between two gangs of children in two areas of Swansea, South Wales this weekend, as police have warned parents the matter is being investigated.

This comes after reports by WalesOnline that police have received intelligence about the violent gathering scheduled for this weekend (May 14 to 16) between groups of young people from two parts of the city.

Swansea police officer Nicola Evans has written to parents via a letter uploaded to the Penyrheol Comprehensive School website describing how South Wales Police have learned of the gathering due to take place in the Gorseinon area of Swansea over the course of the weekend.

She has warned that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

The letter reads: "Within the last week South Wales Police have received information that youths from the Sketty area and youths from the Gorseinon area of the city will be gathering the weekend of May 14 to 16 in Gorseinon for an organised fight.

"I am sure as a person responsible for a child who may be attending the Gorseinon area you will agree that this is not acceptable within our society.

"This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and I am writing to you to ask you to speak to your children and if anyone has any information to contact us via 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

"I must point out that this matter is being investigated and robust action will be taken against the youths identified in the coming days."

She went on: "I am appealing to you to help reinforce the message that this type of behaviour can have serious consequences and urge you to help us to keep your children safe and out of trouble.

"We appreciate the last year has been particularly tough, but we’d ask you to consider that any violent behaviour can have a significant impact on our communities and victims.

"Your child’s safety and preventing further issues are a priority and we would like to make it clear that gang violence and the threat of violence will not be tolerated."

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It is not the first time Gorseinon has been targeted for such a gathering. In July last year, around 300 youngsters poured into Swansea's Kingsbridge Fields for a mass gathering, with underage drinking and fighting reported.

Police officer Nicola also urged parents to keep a close eye on their children this weekend.

"As parents or guardians you do have an important and valued role to play and we would ask you, do you really know what your children are up to?" she wrote.

"If your young person is involved in any violence and we contact you please take this seriously, you may feel your young person has not done anything wrong but the impact of their behaviour on others has resulted in this contact from us.

"I would strongly urge you to reinforce the message that they need to behave responsibly when outside of the home to help us keep our communities safe and places for all to enjoy."

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