‘Last Xmas was a load of baubles – let’s give heartfelt good cheer this time’

Last Christmas they gave you the most heartless, hypocritical load of baubles ever.

So this Christmas let’s give one another some heartfelt good cheer.

Because somewhere along the way the true meaning of Christmas – and this applies to every faith or no faith at all, all year round really – is to be the best person you can.

And not the virtue-signalling guff which means you try to come across as holier than thou while being fouler than foul, but the real stuff.

The simple acts of kindness that can really make a difference to someone’s day. A friendly smile, a cheery good morning, asking how someone is doing and REALLY listening to their answer.

The best gift we can all give one ­another this festive season is the gift of time. Was hugely lucky over my birthday weekend to spend time with my very small female family – mum, sis and niece.

Took them to Mamma Mia The Party in London and to see my amazing 80-year-old mamma being the Dancing Queen I remember from Christmas past was beyond wonderful. Suddenly it was Christmas 1974, my 10th birthday and she was a vibrant young mum singing and dancing with dad in the multi-coloured fairy light glow from our Woolworths tree.

How time flies. Like many of you, especially this Christmas, those no longer with us bear heavy on our hearts. Dad was taken by cancer at the same depressingly young age the husband is soon to be.

And the pain of that loss will never leave mum’s eyes. Of course he lives on in our hearts and in the beautiful (inside and out) young woman of a granddaughter he would have absolutely adored.

She was born just months after we lost him. We popped a baby scan in his coffin.

So why am I telling you all this personal stuff? Because there is nothing like Christmas to heighten every emotion especially those who are grieving. And we have all been through so much together over the past two years that this one does feel special.

A reader who lost his wife this year wrote to me recently to say he didn’t have the heart to put decorations up because she loved Christmas so much.

My lovely talkRadio colleague James Whale has a tree and tinsel for the first time in years because he recently remarried after losing his first wife to cancer. So many stories. So much heartache. But also so much joy to be had.

Another wonderful, feisty friend, Loose Woman star Denise Welch, left, broke lockdown rules last year to go and see her poorly dad. It turned out to be his last Christmas and those special moments Denise spent with him meant the world to both of them. The only Plan C any of us should be concerned about is Plan Christmas.

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