Lethal missing king cobra dubbed ‘Houdini’ escapes again hours after he’s found

A deadly snake has escaped from his zoo enclosure for the second time – just hours after officers armed with X-ray machines and wire cameras normally used in drugs busts managed to track him down.

The killer reptile, officially named Sir Hiss but also known to staff as Houdini, has since been praised as a “smart guy” by zoo workers baffled at his success in breaking free.

Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm's Djurgarden island zoo was frantically shut last week after the king cobra’s first disappearance.

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It took workers six days before they finally isolated Sir Hiss in the terrarium area and put him back in a supposedly-secure enclosure – only for the reptile Houdini to somehow get out once more.

Zookeepers reckon the snake had squeezed himself through a gap located around energy-saving lightbulbs in his enclosure, with the older model of lightbulb thought to have prevented any escapes due to its heat emission.

Speaking at the time, Skansen Aquarium director Jonas Wahlström told AFP: "He won't come out – in theory, it's so cold outside that he would fall asleep.

"He must be a smart guy. The old lamps were too hot, which kept the snakes away.

"Thanks to methodical work, Sir Väs (Hiss) could finally be located in a middle wall near the terrarium.”

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But his recapture didn’t last long and officials admitted their slippery pal had once again gone missing on Friday, October 28.

A statement from Swedish customs read: "Thanks to methodical work, Sir Vas (Hiss) could at last be located inside an interior wall near the terrarium.

“Happy and content, our colleagues were able to conclude the operation, but on Friday Sir Vas (Hiss) managed to escape again."

King Cobras are one of the biggest and most poisonous snakes found in the wild and can reach up to a terrifying five metres in length.

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