Libby Squire's mum reveals youngest daughter was 'almost incoherent' after being spiked on night out with pals

LIBBY Squire's mum has revealed her youngest daughter was "almost incoherent" after being spiked on a night out with pals.

Lisa Squire, whose eldest child, Libby, 21, was raped and murdered on a night out in 2019, said she was phoned in the early hours by 19-year-old Beth.

She had lost the person she was with and had called her mum for help.

The next day, Beth's arm had a large bruise and puncture mark in the centre.

"She had lost the person she was with, she was almost incoherent, and I was really worried about her," Mrs Squire told the BBC.

"It took me three or four times to get through to her to get an Uber so she could be taken home."

But hours later, Beth, who is a student, phoned her mum again and told her she had little recollection of what had happened.

"She said 'mum I feel so different', I said 'you were out of it last night, Beth, what on Earth did you drink?' and she said 'I didn't drink that much mum'.

"She sent me a photo later that day and she had a large bruise on her arm with what looks like a puncture mark in the centre."

Mrs Squire, who is a nurse, believes there is "every chance" the puncture mark was a sign her daughter had been spiked.

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Beth's sister Libby was studying at the University of Hull when, separated from her friends and refused entry to a nightclub, she was raped and murdered by Pawel Relowicz.

Relowicz, 26, was convicted at Sheffield Crown Court on February 11, 2021.

The verdict came two years after he had prowled the streets looking for a victim – and came across the "extremely vulnerable" student, 21.

When he was sentenced to 27 years in prison, Beth told the court she "idolised" her older sibling and hoped to "follow in her footsteps".

Mrs Squire said Beth is "more armed to deal with the world than most kids" after what happened to her sister.

And she is fully aware of what can happen on a night out.

It comes as hundreds of women, many students, have reported being spiked during nights out in the UK recently.

Student Ilana El-baz, 20, was "completely paralysed" when she returned home from a night out in Bristol with pals just three weeks ago.

And Zara Owen, 19, believes she was spiked with a needle in a nightclub in Nottingham.

Last month, thousands of revellers boycotted nightclubs over the growing number of reports and took to the streets in protest.

Meanwhile a petition to make it a legal requirement for nightclubs to thoroughly search for dangerous weapons and drugs upon entry has reached nearly 200,000 signatures.

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