Lifeboat rescuer leaps into water to save teen being pulled out to sea

Moment lifeboat rescuer leaps into raging waves to save teenager from being pulled out to sea by the tide

  • Portrush RNLI team under Des Austin was called out at 2.42pm on September 25
  • The team found a stranded teenager fighting the tide near Portstewart Head
  • Footage shows one mechanic leaping into the choppy water to save the teen

This is the dramatic moment an RNLI volunteer jumped from a lifeboat to rescue a teenager that had been dragged out to sea by the tide.

Volunteers from Portrush RNLI under Coxswain Des Austin were called out at 2.42pm to an incident off the coast of Portrush in Northern Ireland on September 25.

When the RNLI team arrived at Portstewart Head they found a teenager wearing a wet suit treading water, battling against the waves which were dragging him towards some rocks. 

A mechanic from Portrush RNLI jumps into the water near Portstewart Head, Northern Ireland, to try and save a teenager who was pulled out to sea by the tide. A cable is attached to the mechanic so the rest of the crew can haul the pair back onto the boat

Video footage captured the heroic moment a mechanic leapt from the boat into the angry waves.

The mechanic had a cable attached to them so that when they managed to grab hold of the teenager, who had been waving his arms in the air, the rest of the crew could pull the pair of them out of the water.

The weather was another obstacle with Force 6-7 winds as well as showers making the rescue operation more difficult.

The lifeboat had been positioned so that it broke the waves, making it easier for th mechanic to reach the stranded teenager.

Speaking after the rescue, Des Austin said: ‘Conditions were challenging at sea today and time was of the essence.

‘The tide was turning at the time the casualty got into difficulty and the conditions were pulling him out to sea.

‘The prompt actions of the lifeboat crew saved a life and we would like to wish the casualty well following his ordeal.’

The lifeboat crew had carried out casualty care because the teenager had shown signs of hypothermia and exhaustion.

When they reached Portrush Harbour, the teenager was given to Coleraine Coastguard and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service. 

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