Liz Truss beats Meghan in ‘Top Female Role Model of 2022’ as Kate Middleton wins

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    Kate Middleton has been named the top female role model of 2022, according to a new research report.

    The Princess of Wales, who topped the poll created by social enterprise Girls Out Loud, romped home with 35% of the nationwide vote.

    But it wasn't a good time for her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

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    The controversial royal only got 15% of the vote – with wet lettuce now-former-Prime Minister Liz Truss finishing above her on 23%.

    The survey investigated the UK’s outlook on women’s career paths in response to the news that new reforms could lead to thousands of firms being exempt from gender pay gap reporting.

    Girls Out Loud is an enterprise dedicated to raising the aspirations of girls up and down the UK, helping them find their voice and instilling confidence, self-assurance and self-esteem ahead of their adult years.

    Elsewhere, the survey revealed that the majority of the UK believes nursing (42%) is the number one job that still has female bias, alongside hairdressers (39%), cleaners (32%), teachers (28%) and waiting staff (24%).

    And more than 1 in 10 (15%) of those surveyed do not feel there are more jobs available to women since they first started their career.

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    Jane Kenyon, founder of Girls Out Loud, said: “It’s really important that we continue to champion young girls, so they have equal opportunities as they progress through life. Our survey discovered that many people still believe certain jobs have female bias and it’s important we remove this stigma from society.

    “It’s also clearly important to the British public that women are able to land those top jobs. The impact of having a female Prime Minister (only our third ever) is undoubtedly inspiring to the younger generation, as seen by Liz Truss polling in third place.

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    “But being a teenage girl in today’s society is a challenge. There are constant threats from the media and elsewhere that can lead to a serious identity crisis for girls throughout the UK. Girls Out Loud is proud to work within communities to deliver real aspiration, real change and long-lasting success.

    “The latest government reforms surrounding the lack of gender pay-gap reporting is worrying to see, as we need to make sure conversations continue in the search for equality in the work place”.

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