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UNTIL Liz Truss opened her mouth for her party conference leader address yesterday, I was convinced I’d never hear a more boring Tory Prime Minister orator than Theresa May.

(When I told Donald Trump that Mrs May now gets paid over £100,000 a pop for speeches, he exploded into mocking laughter and spluttered, ‘Are you f**king kidding me? I’d pay £100,000 NOT to hear her talk!’)

But I was wrong.

Compared to Truss, May is positively Churchillian.

This woeful speech was one of the most cliché-ridden, droning, dull, stupefyingly undynamic assaults on my eardrums since, well… since her deputy Therese Coffey’s coma-inducing effort on Tuesday that literally rendered numerous delegates unconscious.

It was also staggeringly disingenuous.

 'I believe in fiscal responsibility,’ she said, ‘I believe in sound money.’


Truss and her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s disastrous mini-budget managed to tank the pound to a record low against the dollar, send mortgage rates rocketing, and force the Bank of England to spend an emergency £65bn propping up pension funds.

Then came the humiliating 45p tax rate U-turn, which proved this Thatcher-lite lady’s most definitely for turning as soon as the kitchen gets hot.

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Poorly thought-out fiasco

It’s actually hard to imagine less fiscally responsible conduct by a Government.

And the Conservatives are supposed to be the party of economic competence!

I’m all for Truss’s clarion call of ‘GROWTH, GROWTH, GROWTH!’ but a) she stole the slogan from Keir Starmer who said the same thing in July, and b) she seems to have no clue how to achieve this other than slash taxes for rich people who don’t need the help and slash public spending for poor people who most desperately do need the help.

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Even her choice of music as she walked out to make her speech, M People’s Moving On Up, was a poorly thought-out fiasco.

The Labour-supporting band are livid, the song’s writer has previously called the Tories a ‘despicable shower of s**t’, and the lyrics contain the prophetic lines: ‘You've done me wrong, your time is up, move right out of here, baby, go on pack your bags.’

The game's up

Liz Truss wouldn’t inspire me to open a crisp packet, and I rarely need much encouragement to do that.

This was a terrible speech by a floundering leader totally out of her depth who’s been fatally damaged by a reckless gamble on the nation’s economy that spectacularly failed.

When the biggest cheer you get as a Tory Prime Minister at your own conference comes in sympathy when Greenpeace protesters interrupt you, you know the game’s up.

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'Not everyone is in favour of change,’ Truss said, ‘but everyone will benefit from the results'.

I fear that if the Tories don’t change their leader again, fast, the only people benefitting from results will be the Labour Party who will win the next election by a landslide.

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