‘Lucky’ granddad wins £2m dream Marbella villa after entering £25 draw 10 times

A British grandfather's luck was in after he won a stunning £2 million Marbella mansion in a lottery.

Mark, 57, paid just £25 for the ticket for the Omaze Million Pound House “Superdraw” for the chance to win a house in one of the most glam cities in Spain.

Originally from Wigan but residing in Devon, Mark had entered into the draw nine previous times though this was the first time the prize offered a house outside of the UK.

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Scooping up the award he said it was “tenth time lucky” and that it showed “persistence pays off”.

In addition to getting the villa mortgage free and all legal fees covered, he also won £250,000 in cash.

Mark has been a legal consultant for more than 25 years and his wife, Deborah, 55, works as a bereavement counselor and wellness coach.

The couple in their Devon family home since 2019 with two rescue dogs – Asterix and Luna as well as Dillan, a rescue cat.

Mark said: “I couldn’t believe it when Omaze called me to say I’d won the grand prize.

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''I was out of the country with work so called my wife straightaway – she was even more flabbergasted than I was as she had no idea I’d even entered.

“I’d entered nine Omaze draws before this, so my persistence has certainly paid off – it’s tenth time lucky I guess!

Located on Marbella’s swish Golden Mile, the house will be the envy of thousands of Brits who head to the city every year for summer holidays.

The property spans 12,000 sq ft and floor-to-ceiling windows frames, and open-plan living space.

The state-of-the-art kitchen features a breakfast bar with granite worktops, stainless steel units and brand-new Siemens mod cons throughout for every culinary need.

In addition, there is also a separate cocktail bar area to quench the thirst on long summer days as well as a pool and sun lounge area.

Mark said: ''You never imagine you’ll end up winning, but even if you don’t win anything, you’re still helping a really good cause – such as Teenage Cancer Trust.

“I’d never won so much as a church raffle before, so this is truly mindboggling.

''This win is lifechanging for the whole family, the £250,000 cash provides peace of mind in these challenging times – I’m still pinching myself.

“The villa looks absolutely marvelous, I’m not sure what we’ll do with it yet – we’ll probably keep it for a couple of years so we can enjoy family holidays there, I’ll be dusting off my trunks as soon as I’m back!

''I went to Spain 20 years ago for work, but have never been to Marbella – it looks lovely – I’ll have to brush up on my Spanish, but I do know how to order a cerveza!”

As well as making Mark a multi-millionaire in assets, the Marbella Superdraw raised £800,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust which will help fund specialist nurses, youth support teams and hospital units within the NHS.

Paul McKenzie, Director of Engagement for the Teenage Cancer Trust, said: “The £800,000 raised is truly staggering and we can’t thank Omaze and its community enough!


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