Major improvements coming to Manitoba highways, at a cost of $300M

The Canadian and Manitoba governments announced significant funding for eight highway improvement projects across the province on Wednesday.

Approximately 350 kilometres of road will be improved, Manitoba Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler and Liberal MP Doug Eyolfson said at the joint press conference.

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Work involves repairing sections of the the Trans-Canada Highway as well as Provincial Trunk Highways 2, 3, 5, 6, 10 and 16.

New lanes will also be added to Highway 75 enroute to the U.S. border and Highway 6 to Lake Manitoba.

“They’re necessary and there’s a really good return on investment,” said Schuler. “The community needs these projects.”

The improvements aren’t cheap. Ottawa is contributing almost $145 million while Manitoba is funding slightly more than that, adding up to about $300 million collectively.

“I think Minister Schuler will agree Manitoba is among those that have a lot of infrastructure to catch up with,” said Eyolfson. “We’re glad to be working together to do this catch up and these projects that need to so badly be done.”

The work has already begun in some areas with all projects anticipated to start within the next two years.

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