Man angers wife with suggestion she takes maths GCSE – but many side with him

A man incurred the anger of his partner after suggesting she takes a maths GCSE to boost her career prospects.

And after taking to Reddit to share his story, many internet users believe he was in the right.

The argument sparked when the couple applied for a job at the same company for similar roles. However, his wife couldn't advance to the next stage of the job application because she did not have a maths GCSE.

Seeing that, the man suggested that she took a maths GCSE to boost her career prospects, but she found that comment offensive and a fight ensued.

The man took to the popular subreddit r/AITA, which stands for (Am I the A**hole) for reassurance. Users share their experiences on this page asking for advice and seeking to know whether they made the right decision in that scenario.

The Reddit user said: “When we started our online applications, the first question was if we have GCSEs including Maths and English. After answering our questions, I was able to proceed to the next steps but she wasn't able to.

“She was pretty disappointed and left. I didn't continue with the application and followed her to the bedroom and asked if she wanted to talk.”

The man then let his partner vent and suggested she do a course to get a maths GCSE, then re-apply for the company when the vacancy is available or apply somewhere else.

He continued: “She flipped and said I'm indirectly calling her dumb and she doesn't want to do the Maths course. I explained that I'm not calling her dumb, I would never say that let alone even think that but advising to help her career prospect.”

“I reassured her that I'm not telling her to get a degree from university as most places prefer experience or get 7 GCSEs but only do maths as some places do have that as a minimum requirement.”

Despite trying to persuade his partner, she still insisted that she didn’t want to do it or talk about the matter again.

He eventually left her to it and said: "The most I can do is advise, I will never force you but It's your choice if you want to remove that restriction or obstacle. I will always be here for you, and love you".

The big question is, is the man in the wrong for telling his girlfriend she needs to get her maths GCSE?

Most if not all Reddit users who responded to the thread all thought that in this case, the man was not in the wrong at all, he was NTA (not the a** hole)

For reference, here is the key for AITA:

You're the a** hole (& the other party is not) = YTA

You're Not the a** hole (& the other party is) = NTA

Everyone sucks here = ESH

No a** holes here = NAH

Not enough info = INFO

One user replied saying: “NTA. Not having basic maths and English GCSEs really does hold you back from any decent careers.

“She can go to night college to get it and she only needs a C so really she could just ask to do foundation only papers which are a lot easier.”

Another one advised: “NTA, but having stated your opinion, you may need to back off this sensitive topic. She has to decide what she needs to do since she doesn't want to retake the exam.”

So, was the man right in telling his partner to take her maths GCSE, does not having one really hinder your career prospects?

We spoke to recruitment agency worker Jackson Heywood from Stafford who said: “In this case, I don’t think the man was in the wrong, but it’s important to note that it really does depend on the job role.

“If it’s a media/design-based role, they might not even look at your GCSEs, it’s mainly a-levels that are focused on the most.”

There are always alternatives instead of maths GCSEs that could be taken on board too.

He continued: “There are always alternatives if they don’t have a maths GCSE, like an ALAN test, which stands for adult literacy and numeracy.”

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“I wouldn’t say don’t get your maths GCSE, but it isn’t exactly a necessity unless your job role is specific to maths.”

So there’s the advice from an expert, we guess it depends on what role she was applying for to really make our judgement.

Do you think he was NTA?

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