Man arrested on live TV after toddler son seen pointing a gun

Indiana police, whose work was being broadcast live on cable TV, arrested a man after neighbors reported his toddler son was roaming an apartment hallway with a loaded gun, officials said.

The footage was shown on Reelz's "On Patrol: Live" on Saturday night as Beech Grove police answered a call about a boy, clad only in a diaper, allegedly walking unsupervised and pointing a firearm.

Officers spoke to a neighbor who called police and then to the boy's father, 45-year-old Shane Osborne, who said there was no gun in his apartment, "Live" footage showed.

Four responding police officers were about to leave the building when another neighbor approached them and shared footage, shot from her doorbell camera, of a gun-toting boy in a diaper, "Live" showed.

"That's absolutely tough to see," said Sean "Sticks" Larkin, a retired Tulsa, Oklahoma, police sergeant and a “Live” analyst. "You could see the kid was clearly pulling the tigger. Had it been chambered loaded it could have been a horrific, horrific situation."

The officers immediately went back to Osborne's apartment and eventually found a 9 mm Smith & Wesson inside a closed roll-top desk, according to the Reelz show.

Curtis Wilson, a Richland County, South Carolina, sheriff’s deputy and another "Live" analyst, said he doubts the child randomly put the gun in that desk.

“The way that it was placed in this dresser, the way it was actually strategically placed in there and the top down, it’s unlikely that a little kid was able to do that," he said.

Osborne was booked on suspicion of felony neglect of a dependent, police records showed. His first court appearance is set for Thursday afternoon, according to the Marion County Prosecutor's Office.

Before the firearm was found, Osborne had told cameras he can't own any guns as an ex-convict.

The father's criminal record includes convictions for fraud and receiving stolen property, state records showed.

It wasn't immediately clear Tuesday if Osborne had hired or been assigned an attorney. A call to his cellphone went to voicemail.

This arrest in Indiana came a little more than one week after a 6-year-old Virginia boy opened fire on his first-grade teacher.

Larkin said the Indiana incident could have easily ended in tragedy.

"There's a point that he's holding it up and it's literally, it almost looks like it's (the gun) pointing up toward his own face," he said.

Larkin added: "We hear these type of stories where kids come across, find these firearms, these horrific results that do happen sometimes. But seeing it on video is definitely very different."

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