Man gets evicted after exposing £2.5k-a-month bat-infested ‘luxurious’ apartment

A man has got evicted after exposing the poor condition of the "luxurious" apartment that is infested with bats.

Donny Skipper, who is renting an apartment in upstate New York called The Lofts at Harmony Hills, posted a series of videos to detail the issues in the building.

Tenants living in the block pay between $1,500 (£1,214) and $3,000 (£2,499) a month.

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"I live in what it's called a 'luxurious' apartment as you can see here – it's called the Lofts," he said while standing in front of a pile of rubbish outside the building.

"Every place has got a luxurious place called the lofts – what I love about The Lofts is how the front door sometimes doesn't work when you put your key in.

"But if you twist it enough it does open up eventually.

"Sometimes you do get some spillage on the floor but that's luxurious, it keeps your feet clean even the stickiness, it makes sure you don't slip.

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"Sometimes the elevators don't work, it's fine I got another elevator I could go to right now."

As he walked to a second lift he found a yellow paper that read: "Broken: submit an additional ticket for visibility. Please, twice this week, not a good track record".

Donny took a detour to a third lift and this time, he found an unusual companion inside.

"Hey look, I got a bat in the elevator right now. I 'love' the bats that live in my luxurious apartment, they are so awesome and they keep things very luxurious," he continued.

A second video saw him pointing at the air ducts on the ceiling where bats can be heard shrieking and flapping its wings.

In a later post, he received a "red envelope" from the management.

They informed Donny that they have "elected not to renew his tenancy", which will be ending on May 21, 2023.

Donny told Buzzfeed: "This corporation is forcing us out of our home. All I did was speak up about unsafe conditions."

On the apartment's website, it states: "You can create your own distinct lifestyle in a breathtaking setting that offers a unique combination of luxury, style and convenience.

"Harmony Hills residents are privy to some of the best and hard-to-find amenities in the area."

The Daily Star has contacted The Lofts at Harmony Hills for comment.


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