Man steals over $2,500 in scratch lottery tickets, wins absolutely nothing

A debt-ridden Scottish bloke stole over $2,500 worth of lottery scratch tickets from the store where he worked, and didn’t win a single penny.

The 28-year-old man admitted to stealing the lottery tickets over the course of two months, hoping to use his winnings to pay off mounting debt, the Glasgow Evening Times reported.

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Already down on his luck, the man apparently had absolutely no luck with the lottery either.

“That is a lesson in itself that £1,500 (about $2,573 CDN) worth of scratch cards didn’t yield anything,” Greenock Sheriff Andrew McIntyre said.

According to the Greenock Telegraph, the man was ordered to pay back the value in tickets he stole after pleading guilty in court this week. The sheriff told the man in court “this was a hopeless attempt by you to address your problem.”

“One-thousand-five-hundred pounds is a significant amount for an employer to lose and you were in a position of trust,” McIntyre said. “This offence crosses the threshold for prison but I must consider whether there are any alternatives to that.”

Andrew Lochrie was also ordered to complete 200 hundred hours of community service within a nine-month period.

“He is filled with shame and regret,” Lochrie lawyer said. “This was an act of desperation at a desperate time.”

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