Man stunned to find note left in his shop wall by builder 40 YEARS AGO

A MAN was stunned to find a note hidden in a shop wall by a builder who nearly died on the job 40 years ago.

The worker's quirky letter in Wiltshire warns that he "was electrocuted because I touched two bare wires accidentally".

Daniel Bodman, 39, was renovating the building when he discovered the hard-case letter written by 'Mr Nicholas Poole' in 1986.

The message says: "This shop 'Herb Craft' was fitted by Nick Poole in August 1986 at an hourly rate of £2.00.

"Nearly all the wood fitted had been taken down, cleaned up and reused so that the main costs were my wages.

"The… walls are in a hell of a state so god knows what they will be like when you find this.

"While doing this job, I was electrocuted because I touched two bare wires accidentally.

"Nicholas Jo Poole."

Given his shocking experience, the builder helpfully wrote his message on the back of a 'Treatment of Electric Shock' poster – complete with pictures of how to do CPR.

Bodman stumbled on the quirky note while revamping a Devizes building.

While doing this job, I was electrocuted.

He was taking some cladding down when he noticed the carefully folded poster tucked inside the wall.

Bodman, who is currently creating a new showroom for his masonry business Market Town Memorials, said: "It makes an interesting little read, and had made us chuckle with what he had wrote it on."

He's asked residents for more information on Facebook, saying: "I just thought I'd put it online to see if anyone does know the gentleman – a few people have contacted me but I've not had the opportunity to chase.

"It would be interesting to find him."


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