Man who lost dad’s ashes in Tesco bag on pub crawl reunited with them by binman

A man who lost his dad's ashes in a Tesco bag for life after going on a spontaneous bar crawl was reunited with them today (February 23) thanks to a kind binman.

Stan Blade, 39, had planned to take his dad's ashes on some pleasure rides and dodgems at the pier in Southend, but bumped into some old mates who roped him into ditching the rides for the pub.

He ended up on a nine-hour bender during which time he lost the ashes of his father Stephen Jewitt, who died aged 60.

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Once the night had finished, he returned back to his furious step-mum's house following a big night on the booze where he drank six tins of Stella and five pints of lager.

He recorded a TikTok video showing his step-mum's furious reaction before heading out the following day to scour all the pubs he could remember visiting.

But each pub he went to had not seen his father's ashes, stored in a Tesco bag-for-life.

Stan, a musician who lives in Leicester, said: "I came home, and my step mum asked ‘where is your dad?’"

“She was not pleased with me at all, and I do not blame her."

But on the Saturday morning rounds for bin collection, a binman came to the rescue after spotting the urn on a bin.

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He then handed it into Essex police who tracked down Stephen's relatives.

Stan said: "Me and my family are all very happy and grateful to get him back- there will be no more outings!"

Stan spent five anxious days waiting for news of the lost ashes and was beginning to give up hope, until he got a call from the police.

"When Essex police ring you, you automatically think, 'uh oh, what’s this about?' he joked.

"The policeman said on the phone, 'we heard you've been looking for your dad's ashes?'

"I'm just very grateful to the man who handed it in for me. My dad would think he was famous now if still here."

Stephen worked as a night porter and died in 2011 from complications of alcohol abuse.

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