Mars was ‘once like Earth with water before collapsing into hell planet’

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Mars was once like Earth as the two planets are made out of the "same stuff", a NASA scientist has said.

Dr Becky McCauley-Rench spoke on the space platform's YouTube account saying that Mars was like Earth because there is evidence that lakes and streams once existed on the red planet.

She said: "Whenever the Solar System first formed over four billion years ago, Mars and Earth formed out of the same stuff and so they looked very similar.

"While today, whenever we look at Mars we see a very dry planet as compared to the Earth, which is you know our blue marble, we see evidence of past lakes and streams.

"It may have even had a shallow northern ocean. However, they diverged and we have two very different planets today."

Water still exists in its frozen version on Mars as scientists continue to investigate the ice surrounding the planet.

Dr McCauley-Rench said that studying Mars will help to learn more about Earth's evolution.

She said: "As the Earth progressed with plate tectonics and the development of life.

"Mars's geological activity subsided, lost that water and it became a much drier planet.

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"That's part of why it's so fascinating to study Mars and that helps us understand more about Mars's past and future, as well as understanding Earth and planetary evolution, both in our Solar System and beyond."

In another recent study, NASA also confirmed that the existence of an ancient lake found on Mars could harbour traces of life.

Scientists analysed images from NASA's Perseverance rover confirm that the Jezero crater was once a lake about 3.7 billion years ago.

They believe that a major climate change event caused the lake to dry up, but the soil in the crater could still have traces of ancient alien life.

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