Meghan ‘protecting herself from racist UK’ with King coronation snub says expert

Meghan Markle is protecting herself and her children from racism in the UK by snubbing King Charles' coronation, according to a royal expert.

Her husband Prince Harry announced today (April 12) he will attend the lavish ceremony next month while the Duchess of Sussex and their children, Archie and Lilibet, will stay in California.

And royal expert Gertrude Daly of Gert's Royals says the decision will have been made by the Sussexes to put their family first.

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"It has been obvious over the last two years that the Sussexes don't have a good relationship with the Royal Family," Daly told the Daily Star.

"The news that just Prince Harry will be attending the coronation is not a surprise to anyone. Prince Harry's attendance is more out of obligation rather than anything else.

"Duchess Meghan was invited to the Coronation. And Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, while a little young for the ceremony, would have been welcomed to come to the UK and visit with the Royal Family. It would have been the Sussexes' decision to just send Prince Harry.

"I think The Sussexes want to protect themselves and their children from the 'vicious and racist' UK media as much as possible."

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Daly added the Sussexes would be aware they wouldn't receive a warm welcome in the UK and wanted to limit any more damage done.

"I expect Prince Harry's visit will be short," she continued. "And I don't think there will be any big meeting between Charles and Harry to talk things through."

The Sussexes received an official invitation to the coronation earlier this year but took their time deciding whether or not they would make an appearance at the event.

It was initially expected both the Duke and Duchess would attend the event on May 6, with opinion divided over whether their presence would have a positive influence on proceedings or would wreak havoc on the event.

But even with Harry planning to go to the event, the Royal Family are expected to be cautious after he isolated his family.

But Daly doesn't think Meghan's absence will come as much comfort to the Royal Family after Harry slammed his relatives in his tell-all memoir, Spare, and a series of accompanying bombshell interviews this year.

"I that Meghan's absence will mean less of a distraction from the Coronation events," Daly continued.

"But I don't see Meghan's absence as changing much about the Royal Family's interactions with Prince Harry.

"I think a lot of them barely know Meghan and are probably more upset about Prince Harry's betrayal of the Royal Family than anything that Meghan did."

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