Met Office forecast: ‘Last of summer’ as 24C heat to strike before weekend washout

BBC Weather: Drastic change in conditions as weekend to be hot

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Summer 2021 has widely been regarded as a washout, with heavy rain and cloud putting a dampener on the season. The meteorological calendar is now set for autumn, but there could still be some warm weather this week.

Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon told in the short-term, the weather is “looking to remain relatively settled for the UK over the rest of this week.”

A cloudy outlook is forecast for much of the week, but some warm weather could make an appearance.

Mr Claydon said temperatures could vary around the low-20s.

But on Thursday, maximum temperatures could reach as high as 24C in parts of Scotland.

On Friday, the warm weather could continue for Scotland, with 22C heat forecast for some areas.

The Met Office generally forecast “mostly fine and dry” weather from Friday to Sunday in their outlook for the UK, with “sunny spells” a possibility.

But from Sunday, Mr Claydon said “unsettled conditions” are forecast for the UK due to an area of low pressure.

Alex Burkill, a Met Office forecaster, told the PA news agency this week could perhaps “be the last of the summery weather” for some time.

Mr Burkill said: “It’s fair to say the beginning of the month will be rather settled, with high pressure dominating.

“There will be drizzle and cloud in the east this week, but in the west certain regions will certainly hit the low 20s and see glimpses of sunshine here and there.

“However, this could perhaps be the last of the summery weather until the end of September, with a prolonged spell of unsettled conditions and low pressure from Sunday.”

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The Met Office’s general outlook suggests showers and thunderstorms are “increasingly likely” on Sunday, especially in southwestern areas.

Currently, it is unclear where in the UK this area of low pressure will affect exactly.

The weather forecast for next week is also uncertain at this time.

The Met Office long-range forecast from September 5 to 14, reads: “With a region of low pressure residing close to UK at the start of next week, there will most likely be unsettled conditions for many areas, although confidence is low regarding the nature of this regime.

“Showers or longer spells of rain are likely, but some drier and brighter interludes are still expected.

“Rather windy at times, breeziest in the northwest. Further out, some places could see heavy rain at times, particularly in western and northwestern areas, although showers, and potentially thunderstorms, may also affect other areas in a more localised fashion.

“Still, some more settled interludes are expected, most likely in the southeast.”

In terms of temperatures, there could be some warm periods later on this month.

The long-range forecast adds: “Temperatures are likely to fluctuate around average through this interval, but a brief spell of warm conditions giving way to a cooler period remains possible.”

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