Met Office predicts the exact date the ‘snow bomb’ is set to hit Britain

The Met Office predicts the exact date the "snow bomb" will hit Britain.

The final "major" storm of 2021 will hit the UK with a "snow bomb," several gales and heavy winds.

A white Christmas has been ruled out however, two days later on December 27, brutal conditions are expected to hit.

Since being hit by Storms Arwen and Barra the country is enjoying rather unexpected warm temperatures for the time of year.

The Met Office has said that next week the temperatures will drop dramatically.

They penned: "Temperatures will generally be near to below normal"

Netweather have also predicted that the temperature will plummet again after Christmas when Britain will be hit by five more storms before the winter ends.

The latest weather maps from Netweather, show most of the south of England and London, Northern Scotland and areas of the north and Wales at risk of snow.

The 'snow risk' map also details the weather front affecting northern Europe, particularly France, in places like Normandy.

This week's weather seems to be predicted similar to the days leading up to Christmas as the Met Office claims there will be fog overnight as well as wet and windy spells.

Currently, there is a yellow weather warning for fog in place for the east of England.

The Met Office says: “Fog will develop and become quite widespread overnight.

“It is likely to be dense in places and may lead to some travel disruption and delays.

“Fog will be slow to clear during Friday morning and may persist for much of the day in places.”

At the moment hopes for a White Christmas are dwindling, as Brits eagerly await to hear from BBC and the Met Office for their official report on Christmas Day – and if snow is on the cards.

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