Mexico authorities find remains of seven of the 10 abducted cops

Dismembered bodies of seven police officers who were among 10 kidnapped in Mexico are found in a mini van

  • Police on Monday found the bodies of seven cops who were kidnapped in the Mexican state of Jalisco last Thursday
  • The dismembered bodies were located in black plastic bags inside a mini van that had been abandoned in the Colima town of Cedros 
  • The discovery was made a day after two civilians were also on their way to Colima had been kidnapped
  • The duo along with three female cops were freed by the kidnappers unharmed 
  • The cops were providing security to a group of mining businessmen who had traveled to Jalisco for a meeting 

Police in Mexico have discovered the bodies of seven state cops who were abducted last week in the western state of Jalisco.

The remains of the missing police officers were dismembered and tossed into several black bags that were stuffed inside a mini van that was found abandoned next to a soccer field Monday in the Colima town of Cedros.

Colima governor José Ignacio Peralta confirmed the findings Tuesday afternoon via his Facebook account.

‘The security agents were in the territory of the state of Jalisco when contact with them was lost and therefore they were reported as missing,’ the Colima state prosecutor’s office said. 

‘As the investigations by the aforementioned authorities continued, a vehicle was located in said area that divides the two states. In it the lifeless bodies of seven people were found, whose physical features coincide with those of the police officers.’  

The state prosecutor’s office said it would work to properly identify the seven officers.

On Monday, authorities in Colima, Mexico, located the remains of seven of the 10 police officers who were kidnapped last Thursday in the nearby state of Jalisco. The other three cops along with two civilians turned up safely on Saturday night

Colima police officers were alerted of strong odors coming from a mini van (pictured) that was abandoned near a soccer field in the town of Cedros on Monday. On Tuesday, the governor of Colima confirmed that the body parts that were found inside the vehicle belonged to the seven cops who were abducted last Thursday

A total of 10 Colima state cops were assigned last Thursday to provide security for a group of Mexican mining businessmen, who were on a visit tour of the nearby state of Jalisco.

An armed group kidnapped law enforcement agents and two civilians in the municipality of La Huerta. 

Investigators found no signs of violence when Colima authorities discovered the police’s three unmarked pickup trucks on the side of a road. 

Three female cops and two individuals eventually made their way to the Colima city police station Saturday at approximately 9.15pm local time, and notified officials that they had been kidnapped and released. They did not require any medical attention. 

Two of the three unmarked police pickup trucks that were located in Colima on Monday following last Thursday’s kidnapping of 10 cops, including seven who were murdered

On Monday, authorities were notified via an anonymous 911 call of strong odors emanating from the vehicle.  

It is unknown why the Colima state cops were operating in Jalisco, which is out of their jurisdiction. 

Colima officials released a statement Saturday indicating police forces had been authorized to cross the state border.

However, Juan Bosco Agustín Pacheco, minister of the Jalisco Public Security, said his department had never been notified of such operation headed by his Colima counterparts. 

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