Mia Khalifa wows fans with sultry snap after ‘labour of love’ soup tutorial

Ex porn legend Mia Khalifa showed off her cooking skills as she made soup from scratch, before wowing her fans with a sultry underwear snap.

The Lebanese-American OnlyFans model is now back in the US after yet another visit to Europe, and was cooking a meal packed with MSG and doused in olive oil just hours after she revealed she has decided to "let herself go".

Mia, who was recently spotted at both Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, said she was "craving" a butternut squash soup since she had it in France, so decided to make her own.

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She took her millions of adoring Instagram fans through the "labour of love" process of making the soup from scratch, before munching it with bread and a healthy serving of oil.

She said her "secret ingredient that I put in everything" is the much-maligned MSG.

Then Khalifa cranked up the heat after she gobbled up her soup, sharing a sultry mirror snap in her wearing not much more than her undies.

Mia recently revealed that she doesn't have plans to return to Europe any time soon.

Hence, she said she has decided to let her stringent beauty regime slip.

She said in a video: "This is the first month in a year that I don't have to go to Europe.

"You can bet your ass I'm growing the eyebrows out, I'm turning into a naked mole-rat, I'm not getting my eyelashes done.

"We are letting ourselves go. It is the 'letting yourself go' era. That's the real flex – can you let yourself go? Can you let yourself go?"

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The caption on the video read: "Let yourself go challenge – no lashes no brow threading.

Mia then shared a picture with the caption: "Me, 3 days into 'letting myself go'."

The image is an unflattering snap of Fatimah Khanum ʻIsmat al-Dawlah, a nineteenth century Persian princess and often incorrectly identified internet meme.

Internet lore would have people believe she is actually a Princess Qajar (who never existed).

One Facebook post from 2020 reads: "Princess Qajar was considered the ultimate symbol of beauty in Persia during the early 1900s. So much in fact, a total of 13 young men killed themselves because she rejected their love."

This story is actually an urban legend.

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