Michael Bloomberg gave Al Sharpton heads up about possible 2020 run

Michael Bloomberg gave the Rev. Al Sharpton the heads up Thursday that he was yet again eyeing a White House run in 2020, the civil rights activist told The Post.

“I get a sense that Mike is going all the way in,” Sharpton said in an interview Friday. “He’s in for the long haul.”

One of Bloomberg’s top advisers called Sharpton on Thursday — the same day sources told The Post that former three-term mayor of New York City was considering a run for president because he wasn’t impressed with the leading Democrats in the pack.

Sharpton — who has already met with a slew of Democratic contenders and has held similar meetings with other presidential candidates, like Hillary Clinton — said he believed Bloomberg would get a fair hearing among black voters.

“African-Americans haven’t coalesced around one candidate,” he said.

The MSNBC host did say, however, that Bloomberg’s aggressive support for stop-and-frisk policing would be a problem he’d have to address.

“Stop and frisk is an issue but it’s not fatal,” Sharpton said.

“Joe Biden drafted the crime bill [in the 1990s] that caused mass incarceration and Bernie Sanders voted for it. They’re getting a hearing,” he noted.

Sharpton also said two of the early voting states are “open” primaries that allow independents and non-Democrats to vote, which would help Bloomberg.

Black voters account for a large chunk of the primary vote in South Carolina, where  moderates like Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobachar are “challenged more than anybody by Bloomberg,” Sharpton added. 

He also said Bloomberg, 77, benefits if no clear front-runner emerges from the early-voting states.

Meanwhile, a political source said Bloomberg’s potential candidacy is a “sign of Biden’s collapse.” The front-runner has enjoyed the strongest support from black voters early on out of all other Democratic contenders.

“Mike said he wouldn’t get in because of Biden, now he is getting in because Biden couldn’t hack it,” said the source. “It’s bad for folks in the lower tiers starved of oxygen like [Kamala] Harris and [Cory] Booker. Another 70-something-year-old in the race is good for Buttigieg in driving generational change.”

Additional reporting by Julia Marsh

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