Michael Gove jokes he’s ‘levelled up’ after getting stuck in BBC lift

Michael Gove was hit with a snag in his attempt to "level up" – after he got stuck in a BBC lift for more than 30 minutes.

The Cabinet Minister missed his interview slot on Monday's BBC Radio 4 Today programme when the lifts at Broadcasting House stopped working at around 8am.

After the rescue, radio host Nick Robinson welcomed Mr Gove to the show and he apologised to him "on behalf of the BBC" for the technical problem.

Mr Gove replied: "No, no, no, not at all. After more than half an hour in the lift you successfully 'levelled me up', so I am delighted to be here.

"These sorts of things happen, and if you and I together have given ammunition for (Thick Of It creator) Armando Iannucci or for the next episode of W1A , then fine."

Nick then told him at the moment they were speaking, a hashtag of "FreeMichaelGove" was trending on Twitter.

And the minister replied: "I suspect there were rather more people hoping I would be incarcerated for longer."

Mr Gove later revealed on LBC that he texted BBC chairman Richard Sharp in order to be freed from the lift.

He said: "He made sure that a crack engineering team were dispatched. As someone pointed out, even though we had to wait half an hour, eventually I was levelled up."

He also added it was "very good advice from both a health and a safety point of view" to take the stairs out of the building.

BBC viewers were quick to comment on Twitter to share their reactions, with one saying: "Great work by the BBC, trapping Michael Gove in a lift. At last a responsible broadcaster!"

"I think I preferred it earlier, when Michael Gove was stuck in the BBC lift. There, for a short while, was the full value of my licence fee," a second added.

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