Milan football ‘ultra’ died in ‘well-planned hit’

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Inspectors believe an Inter Milan ultra fan who died in a gangland-style shooting last weekend had a history of connections to the mafia. Italian police suspect the death of Vittorio Boiocchi, 69, in Milan was the result of a “well-planned hit” on the ex-con who once claimed to rake in up to €80,000 (£69,836) a month from racketeering. Mr Boiocchi had “lots of connections” with organised crime and operated from within the upper ranks of Inter Milan’s ultra hierarchy.

He was shot five times in the chest and neck outside his home on Saturday, October 29, ahead of Inter Milan’s Serie A match against Sampdoria.

His killer was a visor-clad gunman who sped away on a motorbike driven by another individual.

Emergency services rushed him to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

Investigators are now sorting leads, with a tapestry of potential perpetrators from which to choose.

Boiocchi had spent nearly three decades in jail, serving 10 sentences for mafia-linked drug trafficking convictions.

When he left in 2018, he had a wealth of connections and quickly rose to the upper echelons of Milan’s ultras, where he earned wide renown.

An unnamed investigator told The Times: “He had lots of connections with people linked to organised crime and we are trying to sort through leads.”

Loyal ultra fans named him “uncle”, and cleared a section of stands at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium as they learned of his death to pay their respects.

Boiocchi allegedly earned money by touting tickets with help from the infamous ’Ndrangheta clan and reportedly forcing parking attendants and food stands to cut him into their profits.

In a phone call tapped by police, officers heard the 69-year-old boast of earning €80,000 a month.

In another, police heard a heated exchange between Boiocchi and an Inter official, exposing his sway in the club’s official ranks.

The City of Milan has since vowed to investigate his alleged revenue stream.

Earlier this week, Mayor Beppe Sala commented on Boiocchi’s death.

He said: “It is just more proof that there is a tenuous relationship between the club and their Ultras.

“We are verifying with the prosecutor’s office that the rumours about the management of the parking and the vendors are true.

“It is clear that parking are managed by Inter and Milan, but the street parking is our responsibility. Therefore, we will see if anomalies emerge.”

Boiocchi’s death follows other suspected assassinations within Italy’s various ultra ranks.

Fabrizio Piscitelli died in a Rome park in August 2019 during a daylight shooting when a gunman dressed as a jogger shot into his left ear.

The prominent ultra known as Diabolik to allies had allegedly operated as a drug trafficker and died almost instantly.

Another, Raffaello Bucci, was found dead in July 2017 under a 43-meter-high Turin viaduct.

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