Millionaire former city trader launches FREE online GCSE revision tool

Millionaire former city trader launches FREE online GCSE revision tool to help children prepare for their Maths and English exams

  • A former city trader has established a free revision tool for GCSE pupils 
  • Eddy Chan, 50, is using former examiners on his site
  • The website has past exam papers in both English and Mathematics for pupils 
  • Mr Chan said the Easter holidays are an important time for children to revise  
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Eddy Chan, 50, pictured, from Surrey, launched his free online revision tool to level the playing field between students who receive private tuition and those who cannot afford it

A former city trader has launched a free website offering all children preparing for their GCSEs free revision courses in English and Maths. 

Eddy Chan, 50, from Surrey, left the city in 2012 and now speaks with an evangelical zeal about his website 

The father-of-three and his team have developed the website which includes the past papers of Maths and English GSCE past papers. 

Pupils and their parents can log onto the site using smartphones, tablets, lap tops and computers and learn at their own pace. 

The team include former examiners in both subjects who explain in a series of short videos the best method of answering the questions. 

Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Chan said: ‘My motivation is purely to provide revision material for all the kids in the UK. It is a well documented fact that one-in-four children receive private tuition – which is unfair for the 75 per cent who do not receive this advantage. 

‘I am a parent myself and I’m aware of the stresses that parents and teachers are under. Maths and English are the core subject  I set out to provide revision material completely free of charge, so it is not just the wealthier families who can avail of private tutors. This resource, I hope, will level the playing field.’ 

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According to Mr Chan, almost every child in the country has access to some form of smart phone, computer or tablet and are familiar with how to use it. 

He said he hoped the project could help with the knife crime epidemic, by allowing the children who are being left behind and joining gangs to continue learning. 

He said: ‘I’ve seen many reports about the kids in the gangs and how they have never had the opportunity to fulfill their potential. This project levels the playing fields.’ 

Parents and students can easily log onto the website and download the free guides and follow the videos which outline the best ways of answering the questions 

The guides concentrate on the core subjects of English and Maths for GCSE and the 11 plus 

Mr Chan said after raising three children and having a successful city career he wanted to give something back to society. 

‘I hope it is a resource that kids can use. This is the primie revision period for them. Every teacher or school that I’ve approached have been bowled over by it. It is free. I’m not looking for registration details, email addresses or anything. 

‘It is literally free. There’s no catch. There’s no ulterior motive. I want to provide quality revision material to children.

‘Even parents can use the videos and resources to help their children. I noticed myself that the way I was taught maths and the way it is taught now is different. This means a parent can feel helpless because they do not want to confuse their child. 

‘Teaching has changed over the past 30 years. Sometimes parents can feel helpless. It is the closest you can get to having a tutor with you, and best of all, it’s completely free.’ 

The students are shown how to work out the various problems to get the correct answer

The guides are available free of charge and feature previous exam questions from past papers

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