Miracle girl, 5, found on remote island after vanishing on boat trip 50km away

A five year old girl was found alive on a on a remote island on Thursday night, having been missing for 36 hours.

Lilycae Kilvert, who lives in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, had set off from the Island's capital, Buka, on a banana boat with her grandmother, dog and 11 others.

The boat had been headed for the island of Nissan when it set off on Wednesday morning, but it never reached its destination.

But it wasn't until Thursday night that Lilycae's father heard the news the boat had gone missing.

"We were all worried," he told ABC.

Mr Kilvert, who runs a Bougainville boat service company, had begun preparing his boat to go out and find his missing daughter when he received the news that the dinghy had been found 50km from its intended destination on a remote island.

The group onboard, including Lilycae, were all safe and well.

Mr Kilvert said he and his wife, Imelda, cried "tears of joy" at the good news.

"Happy… we were very happy. We're gonna go and get my little Lily and bring her back home," he said.

"Normally, I absolutely forbid my children getting in these banana boats."

"But she was just so excited to go with her Grandma back to the island, that I said, 'Well look, it's really calm weather conditions so I will make an exception this time.'

"And anyway, it was the wrong exception."

Mr Kilvert, who has been living on the Island for 30 years, has warned how dangerous the waters around the islands can be, with seas reported to be as deep as 4km in some places.

"You've got a chain of volcanoes that are hanging out of deep oceans, they get huge currents that are swirling through, and so it's difficult to predict the drift."

Mr Kilvert has since undergone the 20 hour journey to retrieve his daughter.

The story is a chilling reminder of how careful seafarers need to be.

A canoe carrying 12 passengers capsized in February last year, leaving the group adrift at sea for 32 days. Only four members survived, and tragically baby was among the eight killed.

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