Model’s chilling final 8-word text before she and pals were massacred on beach

A woman's chilling final text before she and friends were slaughtered said she feared 'something bad would happen'.

Denisse Reyna, 19, Yuliana Macias, 21, and Nayeli Tapia, 22, were found buried in a shallow grave with their throats slit, three days after they went missing on April 4 while on holiday.

A group of fishermen called police after making the shocking discovery when they noticed a dog sniffing the ground by the Esmeraldas River near Quininde, Ecuador and smelt a foul stench coming from the spot where they were buried.

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Family and friends of the deceased, who were all from Ecuador, have revealed that 22-year-old mum and model Nayeli, texted her sister: "I feel that something is going to happen."

She also sent her sister her live location on WhatsApp at 11:10pm on the night she disappeared “just in case”.

Engineering student Denisse, 19, also texted a friend in her final hours, which read: "I feel that something is going to happen and if something happens to me, remember that I love you very much."

Local police believe that the trio were kidnapped, tortured and killed on April 5, one day after they went missing.

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Their corpses, which were all handcuffed, showed signs of torture and had injuries caused by sharp weapons, perhaps machetes.

Diego Velastegui of the Quininde Police, told local press: "They were young, had beach clothes, bathing suits, light clothing, shorts."

After their remains were transferred to the morgue, they were handed over to their relatives who confirmed that they were in fact Yuliana, Denisse and Nayeli.

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Police have been piecing together the journey the three young women took before their tragic death.

On the day of their fateful trip, a black car picked up Denisse at around 9am after she was invited to the Casa Blanca hotel in Same, which is roughly an hour away from where the trio’s bodies were found.

It later emerged that Denisse and the driver picked up Nayeli later in the day.

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In the afternoon, Denisse returned to her house with her friend to confirm the trip.

At night, singer Yuliana joined and told her relatives that she would be meeting a friend.

While the young woman then uploaded a WhatsApp status of the three of them singing in a car, little is known about what happened to them after this.


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