Moment deer running across road smashes through front of bus

Broken winDOE! Moment deer running across road smashes through front of moving bus – only for driver to calmly open doors and let unharmed animal stroll back off

  •  A bus driver in Lawton, Ohio smashed into a deer in June, resulting in some shocking footage
  •  Alisha Sutton, who was driving the bus, was luckily unharmed and the deer also appeared to walk away unscathed
  • The footage shows the deer standing inside the bus after crashing through the front window 

A bus driver in Lawton, Oklahoma had the fright of her life when a deer crashed through the front window of the bus.

Alisha Sutton, a bus driver who had only been on the job 10 months, hit the animal in June, say Lawton city officials.

Surveillance footage from Lawton Area Transit System released Tuesday captured the dramatic moment the doe smashed through the window and miraculously stood inside the bus uninjured. 

‘I was like, I guess I gotta slow this bus down,’ Sutton said in a news release.

‘I slowed it down and brought it to a stop right there in the road,’ she continued. ‘I was afraid it was going to try to run to the back of the bus and get hurt, try to escape that way.’

Luckily Sutton was also uninjured, and both driver and deer were able to walk away from the crash unharmed. 

A plexiglass door separates the driver’s seat from the rest of the bus, Sutton explained. If the deer jumped any earlier, it may have crashed through into the driver’s seat. 

Sutton said she called her dispatcher just moments after the crash, and simply said ‘Ma’am, a deer just jumped through my window.’ 

Alisha Sutton said her past experience as a driver helped when she hit the deer in June while driving through Lawton, Oklahoma

The deer can be seen standing inside the bus after flying through the windshield, seemingly unharmed

‘It was on the passenger side – it got stuck on the bus,’ she explained. ‘I opened the door and it jumped out.’

Sutton said her past experience as a driver helped her react well to the deer jumping across the street.

‘I’ve had a lot of training and safety things going on in my life,’ said Sutton. 

‘The main thing was slowing the bus down, keeping it steady, don’t break or swerve just slow down and bring the bus to a stop as safely as you can.’

Ryan Sanders, the general manager of the Lawton Area Transit System, was proud of Sutton and said he was ‘very happy to see how our driver handled the situation.’

‘She was very cool, calm and collected,’ said Sanders. 

‘She did not panic, she did all the right things that you’re supposed to do on the safety side of things and ironically, on the customer service side of things,’ he said.

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