Moment raging ‘Karen’ throws food on floor and accuses fishermen of ‘trespass’

A woman has been branded a "Karen" by people watching a wild video of her shout at fishermen and throw their food onto the ground.

In the clip, uploaded on YouTube by James Mizuki and Jacob Arevalo, the pair are cooking their freshly-caught lobster on a grill in the back of their truck near a beach in California, US.

The angry woman approaches and tells them they are on private property, and so they try to appease her by offering her some of their catch.

She says: "If you aren't out of here in a minute, I am calling the Sheriff. I mean, you can't do this on private property."

James and Jacob, both aged 28, tell her: "Alright, alright. We will be out of here soon, we're just going to pack away this stuff."

The lady replies: "You are making me upset."

She then claims they are not actually putting away their belongings and screams at them: "Pack it up!"

They start clearing away faster and she mutters something inaudible, and then calls the police and complains about people "cooking".

When they argue with her again, she goes to the front of their truck and grabs a tray of their watermelon, and deliberately throws it on the ground.

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James uploaded the clip on YouTube with the text: "I can't help but feel a bit sad for her.

"She lives in one of the wealthiest cities in California/the world and still has that much bitterness in her.

"I hope she can find a little more happiness soon!"

Calling the woman a "miserable person", one viewer pointed out her hypocrisy.

Quoting her rant, they wrote: "If you leave food on the ground it'll attract animals!

"Lady: throws food everywhere."

A second commented: "There’s a reason God doesn’t put me in these situations.

"She would be on the ground crying. You guys are saints."

Sounding sad, a third viewer said: "I’m so sorry she is giving us old people a bad name."

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