Moment red faced dad finds 7ft steel willy sent to his house by prankster mate – and runs to hide it from neighbours

A DAD was left red-faced when his best friend pranked him on his 30th birthday – by ordering a handmade seven-foot steel willy – and having it delivered to his front door.

Luke Cullis, 30, couldn't believe it when his wife told him a present had arrived for him and after looking outside he saw the monstrous metal statue on his drive.

The engineer from Oldbury said it was a revenge prank – after he sent his best mate a sex toy during the first lockdown – and the postie left it sticking out of his letterbox.

The father-of-one told The Sun: "I was lost for words and just wanted to get it off the drive as quick as possible so the neighbours couldn't see it.

“He has completely and totally outdone me. He wins hands down.

“It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen, and my wife too I think.”

Staff at Latham’s Steel Doors in Oldbury were left in stitches of laughter after receiving the £400 order for the funny metal object – which they would usually ignore.

But the metal-workers decided to go full steam ahead – hoping it would bring a smile to the warehouse staff who had to design and build it.

The order came with a number of number of specific instructions – including that it was engraved with “Happy Birthday” and was wrapped in polystyrene balls, to frustrate Luke even further.

The request also said that it must be at least 7ft tall, and delivered outside the house surreptitiously to ensure maximum visibility and embarrassment.

It must also be self-standing  – and galvanised – so that if they chose to keep it outdoors they could do so.

Luke told the Sun that he tried to flog the gift on Facebook but it was removed because it was too explicit – and in the end sold it as scrap metal for £40.

He added: “He vowed to get me back, and months went by and it was all forgotten about then on my birthday he did say he was going to get me back.

“At first I had a singer come to my door who sang happy birthday dressed as Superman – but then, half way through the day all I heard was my wife shout “Luke look at the drive.”

“It was big enough to belong to the Jolly Green Giant. I scurried out there like a desperate peasant just trying to get it out of site. I didn’t even see them drop it off, they must have been so stealthy.

“I went out thinking it was light, but it weighs a tonne, I was struggling to get it in the house, and I wanted to do it before the school kids.

“I finally got it in the house and unwrapped it and there it was in all its glory.

He said the scrap dealers didn’t believe him at first, and he had to send photos before they would collect it.

He added: “I just thought it’s a health hazard its sharp, I said I wasn’t keeping that in my garden.

“I just felt my wife was a helpless victim in all of this, she did nothing to provoke all of this, and had to suffer it all with me.

“I did find it hilarious, I don’t even think I can get it back, there’s no way I can trump that, theres absolutely no way, he can win, he can be the king of penis givers.”

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