Moment Spanish police bust a boat carrying 2.9 tonnes of cocaine

Moment Spanish police seize 2.9 tonnes of cocaine after intercepting fishing trawler off the Canary Islands

  • A 65-foot fishing trawler was caught carry blocks of cocaine worth £60million
  • The drug-smuggling vessel was returned to Gran Canaria and its crew arrested
  • Operating the rusted-out AKT1 were four Turks and a Georgian, police reported
  • Footage shows Spanish officials unwrapping and testing the blocks of cocaine 

This is the moment Spanish police seized 2.9 tonnes of cocaine after intercepting a fishing trawler off the Canary Islands with the substance hidden in one of its fuel tanks.  

The 65-foot AKT 1 was stopped on April 13 by a Spanish coastguard patrol about 300 nautical miles south of the Spanish archipelago as it tried to pass itself off as another fishing boat.

It is estimated that the confiscated cocaine would sell on the street for 72 million euros (£60million).  

Five people were arrested when a fishing boat carrying nearly three tonnes of cocaine was intercepted off the Canary Islands on April 13 by Spanish customs officers

The boat was returned to Gran Canaria on Saturday and the five detainees were escorted to Port of Las Palmas and remanded in custody.

A spokesperson for the Spanish civil guard said: ‘When we boarded, (officers) observed the fishing boat was transporting a significant number of bundles usually used for cocaine trafficking. 

‘The five crew members of the boat – four of Turkish nationality and a Georgian citizen – were immediately arrested.’

Police released footage of the operation on Sunday 17 April, showing customs officers speeding after the rusted out fishing trawler before boarding the vessel and discovering blocks of the illicit substance hidden in fuel tanks.

The 65-foot AKT 1 (pictured) was operated by four Turks and a Georgian and had 2.9 tonnes of cocaine hidden in one of its fuel tanks

Spanish officials unwrapped a block of cocaine and used a portable drug-testing kit to verify their suspicions

Back on terra firma, three agents crouch over the white blocks, unwrapping one and rubbing a small square of paper over the contents.

A spray on the paper immediately turns it blue – a quick indication that the substance is positive for cocaine. 

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