Moment train crushes 61-year-old man's car in Brazil

Moment 61-year-old man’s car is crushed by train in Brazil after getting stuck on tracks – yet miraculously walks away with just a hand injury

  • A 60-year-old man walked away with a minor hand injury after his car got stuck on a railroad track and got plowed by a train Sunday in Brazil 
  • Video showed the driver tried to accelerate when he he suddenly failed to advance past the tracks on a street intersection in São Paulo
  • The motorman acknowledged activating the train’s emergency break system to prevent the accident, but still manage to hit the train and drag it down the track 

A surveillance camera recorded the moment a car was smashed by a train in southeastern Brazil.

The video showed the 60-year-old man approaching an intersection when it got stuck on the railroad track at an intersection in São Paulo city of Sumaré on Sunday.

A 61-year-old man in São Paulo, Brazil, walked away with hand injury Sunday after he attempted to drive over a railroad track as a train approached him before it hit his Fiat and dragged it down the track

Brazilian online portal G1 said the train’s motorman activated the emergency break system as soon as the car got stuck on the railroad track

The driver attempted accelerate his Fiat one more time over the track before the car suddenly stopped and failed to advance any further.  

Within a matter of seconds, the locomotive barreled into the vehicle and dragged it at least 164 feet down the track before it came to a full stop. 

According to Brazilian online portal G1, the motorman said he had activated the train’s emergency break system to prevent it from wrecking the car.

The driver was tended to by paramedics on site and suffered only a hand injury. 

‘It is mandatory that vehicles stop at a safe distance and make sure that there are no trains approaching before making the crossing,’ said Rumo, the agency that manages the railroad network. ‘Crossing a level crossing without first stopping is a very serious infraction.’

Still image from a surveillance camera that captured the frightening moment a train plowed into a car that got stuck on a railroad track in the São Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday. The driver of the vehicle, a 60-year-old man, suffered only a hand injury

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