More than 30 dogs burn alive after ‘suspected arson’ at animal shelter

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More than 30 dogs were burned alive after Molotov cocktails were used to attack a shelter for discarded pets.

Police are investigating the appalling inferno near the Russian city of Yekaterinburg amid reports of arson.

Many of the animals were elderly and infirm and had no way to escape the blaze that happened at around 2am.

A video showed the appalling blaze at the shelter which also killed a number of goats at the site. .

Shelter owner Galina Volkova said she fought through thick smoke to rescue some animals.

She said: "I saved about 30 dogs, but the rest did not have time. They had already suffocated."

Galina needed hospital treatment after the blaze while her husband Sergei blamed the attack on arson.

Evidence of bottles filled with gasoline and bolts was found in the burned ruins the morning after.

Sergei said: “It actually was arson. I simply (have no words).

“It smells like gasoline."

Video taken at the scene reveals the shelter going up in a blaze, which also killed a number of goats being kept there.

More footage then reveals the charred remains of the building later the same day

A local animals rights group called Zoozashchita said: "It is scary to even think what the animals experienced.

"What kind of person do you need to be to do this? We are shocked.

"The worst thing is that the owners of the shelter also live there with the dogs.

"And they too could have died.

"Molotov cocktails were found here."

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