M&S hides security-tagged steaks from customers after rise in meat thefts

Shoppers at Marks and Spencer food stores have been left fuming after it emerged that the company was security tagging and taking steak off the shelves.

Since the cost of living crisis began over a year ago, media coverage of actions taken by shops to stop people from “stealing” food has ramped up.

And in the latest shocking event, M&S has been spotted both tagging and removing items from shelves.

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Journalist and radio host Lorraine King posted and image from her local branch of M&S food in Harrow, London, showing nearly empty shelves that should have been filled with various steak products.

However, only three were there.

But rather than it being empty because of popular demand, it later emerged there was something more to it.

She tweeted: “Popped into M&S to buy steaks & they only had the packs of different cuts.

“I said to the worker 'You've been busy' and she said they only display three different packs at one time as thieves clear the shelves in one swoop and do a runner'.

“You have to ask staff for more packs – I'm shocked.”

She later added, in response to someone mentioning about security tags: “They had security tags but the woman said thieves don't care.

“They fill their rucksacks and run like the wind.”

The steaks do appear to have white security tag stickers on them, however.

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Shockingly, M&S confirmed in a statement that this was in fact now official police.

A spokesman said: “Like many other retailers, in certain stores where there have been high incidences of theft, we will sometimes limit the number of higher value items that are on display to deter shoplifters and keep our colleagues and customers safe.

“If a customer wants more of a particular item than is displayed on the shelf, our colleagues are always on hand to help.”

The image caused outrage on social media, with many telling similar stories.

One user said: “A while back i asked the Manager why there were no steaks at all.

“She told me that they’d ALL been stolen that day.

“She went on to say that they only had security three days a week and the shop lifters knew the days to swoop.”

And a second posted: “Was in Nine Elms Waitrose recently and watched a woman fill her basket up then just walk out with it!”

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