Mum-of-five gang raped then skinned and beheaded in horror sex attack

A woman was gang-raped and killed by a group of men before her body was mutilated.

Mum-of-five and widow Diya Bheel, 42, was decapitated and had her breasts chopped off following her violent death before her attackers skinned her head and left her remains in a wheat field in Sindh Province, Pakistan.

The men also left Diya's skull and ribs exposed, having removed parts of her body with a sharp weapon that has not yet been found, the Mirror reported.

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An investigation has since been launched and sniffer dogs are being used to search for evidence where Diya's corpse was dumped, but so far no suspects have been identified, according to local media reports.

The body has since been sent for post-mortem.

Diya was a member of the Bheel ethnic group, a majority tribal group in neighbouring India but a much smaller minority in Pakistan.

She was also Hindu – making this one of a series of reports of violence against minority religions in the Muslim country.

Pakistani journalist Veengas took to Twitter to report the horrific attack.

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"I am devastated by getting details on the case. Three days ago, in Sanghar Diya, Bheel was decapitated by brutal murder after being raped," Veengas wrote.

"The police have not filed FIR, and no person in the Sindh govt or Human Rights orgs bother to speak about it. Hindus never matter to state."

Since the attack, protesters have gathered to demand justice for Diya and Pakistani senator Krishna Kumari came to visit her the village in Sinijhoro.

She tweeted: “Daya Bhel years widow brutally murdered and the body was found in very bad condition.

"Her head was separated from the body and the savages had removed flesh of the whole head.

"Visited her village. Police teams from Sinjhoro and Shahpurchakar also reached.”

In a similar case in October of this year, a Hindu woman in Pakistan was stripped, raped, and tortured for asking to receive her daily wages, according to local reports.

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