Mum slammed for asking for money to have huge face tattoo removed – as she admits she’ll use it to buy a house instead | The Sun

A MUM with a giant face tattoo of her hubby's name claims she is fundraising for its removal but plans to use donations to buy a house instead.

Sadie Bisbee got '"Johnny's girl" tattooed on her entire right cheek in bold black and red ink by her tattoo artist hubby John Bisbee.

Her husband also has her name plastered on his forehead.

Despite the 25-year-old claiming to feel empowered by her new body art, she's been bombarded with endless hate online.

The mum-of-four claims she's since been branded "ugly", "a crack head", and a "bad mother".

Two days after getting the tattoo, Sadie set up a GoFundMe page to fundraise £12,000, pledging to use the cash for its removal – and she has already started receiving donations.


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However the mum has admitted that she actually has no intention of having the procedure and instead created the fundraiser as a "joke" to annoy her haters.

So far, only two people have donated £25 to her page.

Sadie, from Spokane, Washington, said: "I'm 100% happy with it. I definitely would have never gotten a face tattoo if I ever would have thought I'd ever wanted it removed.

"Me and my husband had made that tattoo removal page just as a joke, to everybody that was giving the hate.

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"We're in the middle of saving up to buy some property so it [funds from GoFundMe page] will just go to our property fund. We just paid off our house, so we're now looking for property."

The phony GoFundMe page titled "Sadie’s face tattoo removal" reads: "Hi, my name is Sadie.

"I received this face tattoo and when posted to social media it was brought to my attention that it seemed to make me look like a drug addict ,a bad mother, a victim of domestic violence, even that I’m ugly or somehow have mental issues."

Speaking on the tattoo itself,Sadie stands by her decision as she claims it represents the devotion and love she has for her husband.

"I didn't consider getting it anywhere else on my body, the plan was always to put it right up on my cheek," she said.

Her husband also allegedly made her wait two years before tattooing his name on her face as it was "such a serious tattoo".

Sadie claims that it is now her favourite piece of ink, despite receiving mixed reactions on social media with most of them being negative.

She said: "These comments really obviously haven't affected me; they've just proven to me how judgemental the world is. I mean, the only reason they could really affect me is if I really allow them or put meaning to them.

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"Of course they're hurtful words and hurtful statements but they can't hurt my feelings.

She also claims that family members and friends love her tattoo and find it "awesome" how she's chosen to support her relationship.

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