Mum turns family into ‘disaster preppers’ who hunt and make their own toothpaste

A self-confessed 'city girl' who had a swimming pool and house keepers has turned into 'prepper' mum who lives in the wilderness and hunts her own food.

Suzanne Sherman, who lives in the US, keeps a bedroom-sized pantry filled with supplies, from freshly-hunted elk meat to homemade moisturisers and toothpaste to aid in the event of disaster.

The 58-year-old learned to grow her own produce as well as forage for medicinal plants around her home near Park City, Utah.

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She said: "The best part is the freedom I have of not being able to worry about things I used to clutch my pearls over.

"I can enjoy the wilderness and see wild animals interact, I used to love watching the nature shows now I live one!"

Suzanne taught her now-adult kids, Lucca, 21, and Ayrton, 23, her lifestyle from when they were young, from earthquake drills to now joining her on hunts.

She said: "I grew up as a city girl in San Francisco and had housekeepers, a swimming pool, gardeners.

"I went from that kind of lifestyle to becoming self-reliant. It’s a fun hobby, especially with kids as when I was out in the garden they were playing as well."

Living in San Martine, California, an area prone to earthquakes, she decided she wanted to do something so that her family could be self-sufficient if needs be.

She decided to put away some water aside and fill up some Go-Bags with food just in case.

She also started to grow her own produce like tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes.

In May 2013, the family upped sticks to near the remote town of Park City in Utah, when she felt city life was getting too expensive and unsafe.

She said: "We did not know a soul, it’s a remote area, and we just made it work.

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"Learning how to plough, getting snowed in and digging ourselves out and learning to raise animals in a hard environment."

Suzanne kept picking up new skills like learning how to hunt, and then butcher and process the meat herself.

"If I'm going to be carnivore, I'm going to be an ethical one," she said.

Suzanne says the family are now self-reliant and ready for any disaster that's thrown at them.


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