My dog is crossbred with a wild beast – people told me she would eat my other animals | The Sun

WHEN pet owner Alicia decided to adopt a unique hybrid-breed dog, she was warned her other pets on her California farm were in danger.

But after adopting "dangerous" cross-breed Eve, the pup has proved haters wrong – and fits into the family perfectly.

Alicia shared her journey in a recent video: "When everyone warned you about getting a wolf as a pet.

"Would you own a wolf?"

She shared some sweet snaps of her intimidating wolf-dog, but said her dog Eve is a sweetheart, despite being half-wolf.

Eve is a mountain of an animal, with grey-black fur and a set of pearly white sharp teeth.


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Alicia said: "They said she would eat my livestock and little dogs. She proved them all wrong by making best friends with our poodle!"

A video of the pooch playing with their small poodle was shown, and wolf-dog Eve looks just like a normal dog.

One viewer of the video was concerned for the thick-coated animal: "What do you do when it's hot outside? Do you keep the wolf inside?"

Alicia explained: "They are in a shaded area with misters and a pool."

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Wolf-dogs remain illegal in many countries, but are permitted in Alicia's native California.

And Eve looks like she fits right in on the massive farm, filled with horses, other dogs and livestock.

Another woman had the shock of her life when she took in a "stray" husky-like puppy and it grew into something more deadly.

The canine's owner showed off old clips of her adorable little fluffy pup before revealing what the beast looks like now – large and shaggy with menacing yellow eyes.

The owner, who appropriately goes by, calls it a "wolfdog".

She regularly posts clips of the mutt, called Awilix, along with her two fluffy huskies, Suka and Xena.

The viral TikTok video, which has been viewed 51.2 million times, shows the young and cute black pup playing with the caption: "When you rescue a stray puppy".

Suddenly, the music changes and it cuts to the animal full-grown and prowling into the room.

In other clips shared by the creator, she claims that Awilix is 80 per cent grey wolf, 10 per cent German Shepherd and 10 per cent Malamute.

The woman frequently caveats her videos with the warning: "Wolfdogs are not meant for the average person. While amazing animals they require special attention, care and training."

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