My nightmare neighbour said my dog was destroying her fence – but I can prove that HERS was the culprit | The Sun

A DOG owner was left fuming after her nightmare neighbour unfairly accused her pooch of destroying their garden fence.

Freddy Kay shared a video of her neighbour's rowdy pit bulls throwing themselves against the other side of her wooden fence as her border collie watches on.

The fence panels can be seen rattling as scratching and barking is heard coming from the other side.

Freddy captioned her TikTok video: "Your neighbour tells the city that your dog is tearing up their fence so you take video proof that their fence is damaged because of their pit bull farm."

Freddy, from Texas, added: "They have the nerve to play victim."

And she blasted her neighbours as "unethical dog breeders".

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"[They] literally stand in the street yelling that my dog is worthless and theirs are worth £50k. Gross," she said.

Freddy said the city authorities "were so quick to issue me a citation based on their word but never looked at my side of the fence".

The video has racked up nearly 1,000 comments – with many people agreeing with the dog owner.

One said: "How could they even claim your dog caused the damage if the damage isn't on your side?"

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Another wrote: "Now let’s see their side of the fence, because unlike yours, you know it’s all scratched up."

A third commented: "They will also have all the scratch marks on their side, lol."

And some shared similar experiences of nightmare neighbours with dogs.

"Once had a neighbour blamed me for my dog pooping in the back yard, got fines from the apartment and everything. I didn’t have a dog," one said.

Another wrote: "Neighbour's pit jumped the fence and killed my chihuahua so I definitely do not trust the fence holding them.

"Hope you’re always prepared just in case."

A third commented: "My neighbor complained about my dog barking. We put cameras up and caught them making him bark.

"They didn’t see the cameras at first."

Others called for Freddy to take her own revenge.

"Report them for backyard breeding and selling animals without a license," one TikTok user said.

It comes after a fed-up homeowner put up a 7ft fence around their garden for privacy – only for their petty neighbour to install a camera overlooking it.

The anonymous resident, who also lives in Texas, said they have been having problems with their neighbour for years.

Tired of next-door's antics, the householder decided to put up a 7ft fence.

But they were left stunned when the neighbour decided to get back at them in the most ridiculous way.

The homeowner wrote on Reddit: "I've been having problems with this neighbour since they moved in years ago.

"Decided to build a privacy fence and be done with them once and for all.

"One month later they raise the height of their fence and this [a camera] pops up."

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The disgruntled resident claims police won't do anything about the camera and they can't afford a civil lawsuit.

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