Nailbiting moment plane lands at one of most dangerous airports in the world

A pilot who claimed he was landing at the "most dangerous airport in the world" showed how he touched down for a perfect landing on the short runway.

In a TikTok video, user @azey_rlb shows himself flying in clear blue skies as he heads into land at Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

The airport runway, in the city of Funchal, is built on a cliff and is rather short so captains need to be highly trained to land there.

According to the TikToker pilot, it also frequently has "heavy turbulence, wind changes and sheers close to the ground, due to surrounding hills".

He explained in the clip: "You have to fly very close to the terrain during the approach."

But from the footage, it likes the plane's descent is perfectly smooth and he touches down gently and stops well short of the end of the runway.

The video has since been watched more than two million times, with 400,000 "likes" and thousands of comments.

One person commented: "I went there last year and I hate flying, I cried the whole time but we survived."

A second user said: "I'm flying to Madeira in a few days and I'm a very nervous flyer. This made me feel a bit safer."

Someone else wrote: "We tried to land there a few years ago and couldn't land the first day, they took us back the second day it was worse so they tried for a third day."

Although there is a short runway at Madeira, it is actually the Tenzing–Hillary Airport in Nepal where pilots often have to do a steep approach as they descend over mountains of different heights bit by bit.

There is often a veil of fog covering the peaks and so pilots can't see the terrain they are flying over.

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