Naked woman thrown out of ‘bed-hogger’ boyfriend’s room fined for bashing door

A woman who was thrown out of her boyfriend's room in the nude for "hogging the bed" has been fined £200.

The woes of a shared living space came to light after a woman was thrown out at 4am after a massive row over bedroom etiquette that lead to knife damage done to a door.

Naomi Pickwick, 32, was arrested after battering the door of Dominic Barbour's home as she cowered outside in the communal hall with no clothes on.

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Police were called to the property after head chef Barbour injured himself when trying to grab the bread knives from Pickwick after letting her back into the home, a court has heard.

Despite throwing on some bits of clothing and fleeing the scene, police arrested her after her barefoot escape, with the pair reportedly heavily drinking before the argument.

It was later claimed by Pickwick, who was fined £200 for damages to the door and convicted of criminal damage, that the explosive argument had come from Barbour hogging the bed.

A judge said that while Pickwick had "played her part" in the argument, Barbour had shown signs of "abusive" behaviour.

Barbour, speaking at a hearing, said: "We watched some TV and then went to bed but Naomi was not happy with the amount of space I was taking. It was about 4am. She was arguing, saying I had too much of the bed.

"After that, I was kicked, I was pushed, shouted at and sworn at and had my hair pulled. She was not clothed but I put her out of the room because she was being aggressive and I locked the door.

"I had no idea what she would do but I did not want someone aggressive in my bedroom. I opened the door and Naomi was standing there with two bread knives in her hand.

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"Her arms were raised up and the knives were in her hand and there were lots of dents on the door. There was always an issue about who takes up more of the bed."

Pickwick, speaking to the court, said: "I told him before: 'Be careful when you are in bed, you are squashing me in bed.' That night we were watching a horror film before we went to sleep.

"He dragged me out and threw me out of the room. I do not really see what the whole point of it was. It was horrible, I was really scared because I did not know where I was going to go. And why he was dragging me out naked."

District Judge Jack McGarva said of the incident: "He has his part to play as well but I think you should. I do not think anyone has covered themselves in glory in this. It's unthinkable to do this to a young lady.

"In all, it is a horrible incident – a very good advert against drinking."

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