Napier: Police pepper spray dog in Maraenui after alleged attack

Police have pepper sprayed a dog that returned to the scene of its alleged attack of a dog being walked in Napier.

Napier City Council’s animal control unit has since impounded the dog and will hold it until an investigation is carried out.

Officers were called to the incident in the suburb of Maraenui near the corner of Darwin Cres and Lodge Rd about 10am on Thursday.

Eastern District Police Senior Sergeant Su Robinson said a white dog had allegedly attacked another dog being walked on a lead.

“[The dog on the lead] received some injuries as a result. The owner had not been attacked,” she said.

“The white dog ran back to its home nearby.

“Police followed the white dog to the address, however it again ran at the other dog at which time police sprayed the white dog with pepper spray.

“The white dog again returned to its home and police spoke to its owner.”

A witness at the scene, who did not want to be named, said the actions from police may well have prevented a further attack.

The witness said one officer was holding what appeared to be a Taser but did not use it, while the other officer used pepper spray on the white dog.

Napier City Council animal control were called by police and seized the white dog.

“The incident is currently being investigated and the dog will be held until the investigation has been completed and a decision has been made as to what action we will take,” a Napier City Council spokeswoman said.

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