No, you can’t use your phone in Manitoba drive-thru’s

It’s a question many people have, but few know the answer — can you use your cell phone in a drive-thru?

According to police, the answer is NO.

RCMP Sgt. Paul Manaigre told Global News Manitoba driving laws prohibit motorists from using an electronic device while behind the wheel.

“The definition of driving your vehicle will include a drive-thru,” Manaigre said.  “Your vehicle technically still has the ability to be put into motion.”

That would mean drivers should refrain from trying to find a promo code, replying to a text message, or answering a call that is not connected to Bluetooth.

However, Manaigre said, using a mobile device to pay at the window is okay.

“That’s allowed because it’s a one-time use. The idea is to pick up your phone and put it down,” he said.

“We don’t want people using their devices as they’re creeping forward… that’s where that distraction comes in.”

New distracted driving penalties went into effect in Manitoba on Nov 1.

The fine jumped from $203 to $672. Penalties now also include five demerits and a three-day licence suspension.

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