North Korea brands its Covid vaccine ‘immortal potion of love’ from Kim Jong-un

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has declared coronavirus vaccinations are an “immortal potion of love” gifted by him as he finally starts to jab his Covid-stricken country.

The eccentric leader made the bizarre claims through loudspeakers playing through vehicles at vaccination sites.

His East Asian country, which is highly secretive and cut off from the rest of the world, is giving priority to troops working on construction projects, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported.

The reclusive nation has recently been hit by waves of coronavirus and sparked hilarity when it told its citizens to drink tea to combat the potentially-deadly disease.

Health advice also included gargling salt water and drinking other herbal remedies.

Kim Jong-un has only just acknowledged the virus in his kingdom after previously bragging about a strict “quarantine front” that had protected them.

An anonymous official told the radio station: "They play loud political propaganda messages as the soldiers get injected with the vaccines from China.

"They are calling it a 'vaccination of love from the Highest Dignity'.”

Whilst another source confirmed: “A broadcast vehicle that appeared at the vaccination site loudly proclaimed the greatness of the general secretary, who prepared for them the 'Immortal Potion of Love'.”

North Korean media outlet KCNA, which is controlled by the state, has only admitted to 69 deaths from Covid.

It refers to virus as a “fever” outbreak and struggles to diagnose cases due to a bad testing setup.

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Wacky Kim Jong-un is known for his outlandish and often brutal governing of his country.

As well as telling citizens the vaccine is an “immortal” and personal gift, he has been known for his paranoia and orders staff to carry around his own personal toilet so nobody can get their hands on his poo.

He even forced people to stand outside in the freezing cold to listen to a speech about his late dad – and although the brutal dictator allowed himself a heater, hundreds of others had to wait as temperatures plummeted.

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